Breast Care

Breast massage has been practiced for years as a means of stimulating healthy breast growth or natural breast enlargement and breast health.


  1. Prevent sagging breast and improve breast shape. There are no muscles in breast tissue, which you could exercise to get a rounder look, like with other parts of the body. Therefore, the only method of getting better shaped breasts is massage benefits. Improved circulation will tone up the tissues and will tighten your sagging skin.
  2. Increases tissue oxygenation, drains toxins, stimulates immunity, provides relaxation, may help in dissolving fluid-like cysts, strengthens and adds resiliency to breast tissue, relieves tightness in chest muscles, promotes lymphatic drainage and circulation of breasts, increases lactation, reduces pain, congestion, and swelling related to PMS.
  3. The poking muscles method applied in breast care will help to balance hormone secretion in female body, improve gland function. Prevent mastitis and prevent breast diseases such as lobular hyperplasia, etc.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a form of massage that stimulates the lymphatic system with gentle massaging strokes. The light rhythmical massage encourages the lymphatic system to eliminate metabolic waste products, excess fluid and bacteria.

"The lymphatic system has a vital role in the body by regulating the immune system, which protects the body against infection. It transports nutrients to cells and eliminates metabolic wastes, toxins and excess fluids from the body. Manual lymphatic drainage is also a very effective way of detoxing the body plus stimulating vital immune defences. This is a powerful, deep cleansing treatment."